Seriously KAWS

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This is a book that was just published and selling at KAWS’s solo show in Hong Kong. Inside this book, you will find a comprehensive documentary of KAWS and his artworks from the early career to dates. A must have for all KAWS fans.


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made by giulianoFujiwara.
one of the nicest frame around to date if you’re looking and in love with thoae thick black frames.


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This is stunning. 4th biggest troops of the world has shown the world what they’ve got. Watch out!


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It’s been a year and a quarter!

Subcults’ back!

More contents.

More lifestyles.

More music.

More HDs.

More photography.

More happening.

Stay tune.


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Ken Block, the co-founder of DC shoes, is back again with his drift machine, WRX STI.

Seriously, this is not an ordinary gymkhana track. It is a full-service private airport with a junkyard and dirt jump. The view is amazing.

Can you feel those dirts on your face? Absolutely stunning!

Nature in slow-motion.

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Isn’t it beautiful? Nature is definitely the best gift from the creator for this world.


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Patent number 5255452, filed in 1992, shows how Michael Jackson and his dancers could lean at 45-degree angles during live performances of the song “Smooth Criminal”.

1. A system for engaging shoes with a hitch mans to permit a person standing on a stage surface to lean forwardly beyond his or her center of gravity, comprising:

at least one shoe having a heel with a first engagement means, said first engagement means comprising a recess formed in a heel of said shoe covered with a heel slot plane located at a bottom region of said heel, said heel slot plate having a slot formed therein with a relatively wide opening at a leading edge of said heel and a narrower terminal end rearward of said leading edge, said recess being larger in size above said terminal end of said slot than is said terminal end of said slot; and
a second engagement means, detachably engageable with said first engagement means, comprising a hitch member having an enlarged head portion connected by a narrower shank portion to a means for raising and lowering said head of said hitch member above and substantially level with or below said stage surface, said head portion being larger in size than said terminal end of said slot and said shank portion being narrower than said terminal end of said slot, wherein said hitch member can be moved through apertures in said stage surface between a projecting position raised above said stage surface and a retracted position at or below the stage surface, and when said head portion of said hitch member is raised above said stage surface, said first engagement means can be detachably engaged with said projecting hitch member, thereby allowing a person wearing the shoes to lean forwardly with his or her normal center of gravity beyond a front region of said shoes, and maintain said forward lean.

Jump to 3:50 and watch the guy on the right, as he has trouble disengaging his loafers after the move.

via Boingboing

R I P Farrah and MJ

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RIP Farrah Fawcett, the one third of the OG Charlie’s Angels, and this is her world’s best selling iconic poster of all time.


RIP Michael Jackson, the creator of the moonwalker’s move, and this is the world’s best selling album of all time, Thriller.


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More details on this dope goodies at BKKSTREETHUNTER


Cha Cha Chop Chop Chop…

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