I’m NOT a PC

To fight against I’m a MAC by Apple, Microsoft came up with a similar campaign in vice versa: I’m a PC. But wait, there are so many reasons why YOU don’t want to be a PC. Let’s see why:

1. Humans: When they start working everyday, they do it in the most efficient way. However, depending on the type of work, a few hours later they are always getting tired, resulting in less productivity. Well, at the end of the day, they also need to get some sleep, in order to get to work the day after. Moreover, as humans become older, they cannot work that much.

PCs: When they boot up, every application seems to be super-fast. Later on, as RAM consumption increases, performance is not that good. The very same applications do not load that fast. Processing and displaying times are usually decreased, at a point where the PC has to be restarted in order to satisfy its user. As time goes by and applications are being installed/uninstalled, the performance deteriorates.

2. Humans: When they do a simple task, they should do it well. Starting doing more tasks at the same time, increases the probability of something to go wrong. For example, if a human being is driving his car, and at the same time he is on his cell phone, he might get distracted and crash somewhere.

PCs: When they do a task, they do it well, however multi-tasking could cause some problems. For example, imagine Firefox, Windows Live Messenger, Antivirus, Firewall, and Word all opened for quite some time, and then Photoshop or other “heavy” application loading up. Chances are that something might crash!

3. Humans: They get sick, they need medicine and a doctor! They also have to protect themselves, wearing the appropriate clothes during each season.

PCs: They get viruses, they need an antivirus/antispyware application. PC users have to be cautious, for example they shouldn’t run “suspicious” exe files.

4. Humans: They have to put their belongings in some order, otherwise it would take them more time to find what they need.

PCs: Their filesystem has to be defragmented, otherwise the whole system cannot perform very well.

5. Humans: There is always someone else a human being would like to look alike. For example, someone with a nicer car, or more handsome, or with a better job, or famous etc. A human with limited resources might not be able to have or do everything he wished for.

PCs: Sooner or later a better PC would exist for every current PC, having more RAM, better CPU, graphics card etc. Newer applications, like games, might not be able to even load up.

In conclusion, as a human being, I would simply like to say “I wish I were a Mac“.

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