Nobody’s Perfect.

Probably now, everyone is talking about the long waited summer’s blockbuster, Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen. And probably all you guys are focusing more on Megan Fox rather than the movie itself.

Oh well, here is little trivia for you all Megan Fox’s fan, cause definitely there are plenty of you around that saying that is my dream girl and wishing this and that.

As the title is saying, “Nobody’s perfect.” Check out Megan Fox’s thumb (toe thumb to be precise) 😉

Not sure if that is a turndown or not, but however she is still HOT.



~ by infrd on 20:Sat:Jun:2009.

7 Responses to “Nobody’s Perfect.”

  1. she wear short skirts i wear t-shirts, she cheer captain and im in the bleachers dreaming about the day u were inside for what ….. lol her thumb is awkward but she is pretty so yeah later peeps peace out and btw i play toontown so yeah and im a 11 year old LOL

  2. nobody’s perfect..well..everyone is perfect the way they are..oh..and cause she has a fatter thump than me, or you, or I dont know, does not make her less perfect;p its fine..I dont think your title really fits your subject, which is megans thump =)..& oh yes..I love her! shes great! (even before the surgeries!)

  3. well,thumb is not problem.her face is sexy but not pretty.i dont like her body 😀 specially her belly and like a old woman.

  4. thats sooo nasty!

  5. is that….a TOE thumb?

  6. you right wat up what wit yall

  7. ahaha she looks like smegul from lord of thee rings

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