MacBook Pro : Bling Edition

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With the damage of $7000 to $8000 and a bit of brainless decision, this MacBook Pro is all yours to enjoy.

24K Carat gold plated and 3 carats of bling-bling diamonds. Anymore?

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Again with Banksy

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The latest stencil by the one and only, Banksy of Bristol. Simple but Strong.

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Yasumasa Yonehara a.k.a. Yone, the eastern world’s version of Terry Richardson. If Terry is known for his Polaroids, then he is known for Chekis. Very raw.

Warning. Sexually explicit contents. Consider before clicking. HERE

Kaws’ version of Darth Vader.

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Only at OriginalFake flagship store in Tokyo via lottery system.
Bring all your luck to the store, or else bring all your pockets to resellers.
Hot stuff. Definitely, one of the best version of Darth Vader.

via Original-Fake

The next level of shock-absorbing.

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Geltec Corporation of Japan, which known for its gel-like materials, came up with this new shock-absorbing gel. In the video, the egg is dropped from a 72 feet’s tall off from the building onto this gel and nothing is happened to the egg, just like someone slowly put the egg on the ground. No cracks or chips and whatsoever. Imagine, if this is happened to be your sneakers! This will definitely slaughter all the Air, the Hexlite, and the Torsion families down to pieces.

Click here to watch the video

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Youtube’s Fest.

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What a great stop motion graffiti! Thumbs up!

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A film of 1969-2004 of Shinjuku district in Tokyo in 10 seconds, from a flat land to a super-metropolitan area.

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One on One: Battle of the Scene : Kanye vs 50 CENT

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The two most talk about in the scene: 50 CENT and Kanye West.
It is for you to decide who is the one. Love who, hate who, blame the game not the players.

1st Round:

Ayo Technology feat. JT

Stronger feat. Daft Punk

2nd Round:

Straight to the Bank

Good Life feat. T-Pain

Enough of this game…